Seattle Folk-Rock Band Tissue Releases Debut LP
Album art by Brian Standeford

Photo by Kelly O
A strange bar where children are playing . . . a jukebox playing Raincoats, Sandy Denny, Kleenex, Wire, Leonard Cohen, Sebadoh, This Heat, Graham Nash, Su Tissue . . . feeling sheltered, in love, pissed off, sequestered, curious, 
Tissue’s debut LP begins with the line “I made a pulled pork sandwich of my heart” (“BBQ Heart”), continues by evoking the death-defying dedication of the Olympic cyclist (“Gold Medal”) and the nostalgia of checkbooks and Walden Pond (“Frogs”), and goes on to highlight the strange, practical truths that define our lives (prepare for a dark turn on the B side - homage to Neil Young's On the Beach?). With all the lyrical confusion but less of the howling you recall from Stickers, Gabi Page-Fort leads the vocal efforts and guitar stylings, with Dean Whitmore (Unnatural Helpers) on drums and harmonies.

Art rock without pretension, folk music for the fanged and electrified, this is music to eat sandwiches by, with a refreshing reminder of our shared mortality for dessert.

These are the first 12 songs written by Tissue, captured during a fact-finding mission at Forest Glen by true blue rock & roll maniac and producer Kurt Bloch. Revealed, it’s A Pick of Twins with Matching Dogs.

Out June 23 on Reefers Records on vinyl & cassette. Hit us at to order. Stores please contact The Business, 216 Commercial Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221, (360) 293-9788,

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