Dragon: 5 freedom seekers unbothered by the noise

Seattle 5-piece Dragon, featuring members of Stickers, Display, White Coward, Haunted Horses, Male/Female, Misties, T, Casual Hex, Clarko, Tissue, have been getting together at Cry Baby to get necessary vitamin Shred for a couple years. Their debut LP, SOFT OPENING, is out now. Max Nordile calls it “explosive,” and Kurt Bloch says “it rips.”


Side A
Turtle Shoes 5:30
Cave 3:16
“Romantic Weirdo” 7:48

Side B
Sky Jam 4:26
Moat 3:38
Dog 4:30
Bonus Track: 1 3:00

Dragon is Anthony (drums), Colin (guitar), Emily (bass), Gabi (sax, vocals), and Jim (guitar).
Recorded and mixed by Captain Tripps at High Command studio in Olympia, WA.
Mastered by Amy Dragon.
Reefers Records, Seattle, WA.
Copyright 2019

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