Tissue PLENTY LP - RR014


Tissue is not quite a Seattle band anymore - now they're of the islands. This sophomore effort echoes with the expansive sky of this drift from blight and busy to dazed and glazed. Step one: believe you have enough. Step two: offer pie. Step three: communicate with those you love. We all drop the scissors sometimes and Tissue loves us anyway. 

Using the simple tools of rock and roll - guitar, bass, drums, Kurt Bloch's best squeeze box, slide whistle, voices, the incredible guest key-tinkling of Gust Burns - Tissue finds enough air in the sky. Emotional and pointless, these are songs to live in. The record has some of the scrambled innocence of bassist Andrew Greager's old band Scraps and a fling of the toast of drummer Dean Whitmore's Unnatural Helpers. Gabi Page-Fort's wail soars with less bombast and more patina than her Stickers days, but equal clarity. Delicate and caustic, shy and entranced, Plenty

Well understood by the under-twelve set ("I love your voice! I danced to every song!" - Kairi, five) and respected by the local deer, Tissue plumbs abandoned oyster farms for pearls. Perhaps there are a couple here worth stringing and wearing to lunch? 

Available on Bandcamp here.   


Gabi Page-Fort – vocals, guitar 
Andrew Greager – bass, vocals, guitar solo on Pie 
Dean Whitmore – drums, vocals 
Gust Burns – piano on Breeze 
Kurt Bloch – accordion on I’ve Seen Enough 
Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kurt Bloch. 
Cover art by John Atkins. 
Layout by Bridget Beorse. 

Reefers Records 014 
Seattle, WA
Copyright 2022